(For Level 5-Security) 2016 TRAINING NEEDS SURVEY 2016年度培训需求调查(5级员工-保安部)

You have been selected to take part in a very important survey. This survey is part of a comprehensive assessment conducted by the Training Department to find out your Training and Development needs. It provides an opportunity for you to express your training needs. No one, except the Training Department will examine your responses. All the information given by you will be used solely for the purpose to help us plan our next Annual Training Plan, so that it can be more responsive to your needs. We encourage you to answer all questions in this survey honestly and openly. Kindly complete the survey before October 14, 2015.


Do you need any training in each of the following competencies: 


1--Definitely Need很需要

2--Need 需要

3--Just Right正好

4--Probably Don't Need应该不需要

5--Don't Need 完全不需要

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