360°Survey on Tang Kunlu

This survey is to seek your feedbacks(the evaluations and facts) on Tang Kunlu's working and performance in year2013. Your feedbacks are needed from two dimensions: what she/he has done(结果,即"/他做了什么成绩") and how(过程;即"她/他是怎样做的"). This survey includes two parts, How and What.

HOW part includes the first 8 questions. WHAT part include the last question.


The evaluation sore rangs from 1 to 5, meaning:

1. Unsatisfactory

2. Improvements needed

3.On Target

4. Excellent (among top 20%-30% colleagues in this area

5. Outstanding (among top 5%-10% colleagues in this area) 


This survey is open until 18:00,6th Dec 2013(i.e. This friday).


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